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News & Events

September 25, 2014, Abrahamyan Styopa

Abrahamyan Styopa (born in 1994) from v. Khnacakh became the second patient of Armaveni Charitable Foundation who was operated on due to financial support of Luding Ltd - one of the leaders of the best wine and strong beverage distributions in the Russian market.

Congenital abnormality of the young person caused shortening of right tibia for 6cm. On 25.09.2014 doctors of Yerevan Center of Limb Lengthening and Reconstruction performed an ostetomy of tibia, osteosynthesis by Ilizarov for tibia lengthening and restoration of function of the leg. The following day after the operation he was able to walk on his own, but, however, Styopa needs a long-term treatment.

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September 10, 2014, One more patient - Mkrtchian Arpine

One more patient of Armaveni Charitable Foundation had an opportunity to get treatment free of charge. This time the sponsor became Luding Ltd, one of the best wine and strong beverage distributors in the Russian market.

On 09.09.2014 the doctors of Yerevan Center of Limb Lengthening and Reconstruction operated on Mkrtchian Arpine (born in 1997) from v. Janfida, Armavir Marz. The operation took 2,5 hours. The following procedure was performed: Abductive derotational osteotomy in proximal part of humerus, osteosynthesis by Ilizarov for improvement of function of the hand (diagnosis: Erb-Duchenne Paralysis). Already tomorrow she will be discharged home; she will have to pass a long-term outpatient treatment.

Arpine whose right hand is congenitally paralyzed learned to use her left hand instead of the right one; she is fond of drawing, dreams of becoming a designer and is thinking of entering the university after the treatment.

We want to inform that soon one more patient will be operated on due the financial support of Luding Ltd.

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September 05, 2014, Nazarian Ashot, sponsor: Ministry of Defense of RA

On 04.09.2014, in the scope of our “Standing Tall” charitable program, Nazarian Ashot (born in 1956) from Artashat was successfully operated on. Ashot is the 13th patient of the Foundation whose treatment was sponsored by Ministry of Defense of RA.

Diagnosis: Sequel of trauma, osteomyelitis (active form); malunion of proximal part of right femur, nonunion of distal part of femur, fibrosis ankelosis of right knee, LLD 8cm.

The operation took 4 hours. The following procedure was done: osteotomy at the apex of deformity, osteosinthesis by Ilizarov for elimination of femur defect and for tibia lengthening.

August 05, 2014, The Program in Implementation

We are announcing that on 01.08.2014, thanks to financial support of Dr. Grigor E. Khachatryan, the founder of Modern Implant Medicine Medical Center, 43-years-old Karmirian Gevorg was successfully operated on. Gevorg was waiting for his treatment for a long time.

Diagnosis: Sequel of osteomilitis, fibros anchilosys of left hip, shortening of left femur for 7cm.

The surgery took about 3 hours. The following procedure was done: pelvic support osteotomy by Shanz-Ilizarov for improve position and left femur, osteotomy of left femur for elimination LLD (7 cm). Next day after the surgery he was able to walk with crutches, feels good, the following days he will be discharge for outpatient treatment.

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July 21, 2014, Karapetian H. Was Discharged Home

Today Karapetian Hrachik(1985), whose operation was performed on 14.07.2014 thanks to financial support of "Aleksandrapol" brewery, was discharged to outpatient treatment.

The operation lasted 3 hours, and the following procedure was done: osteotomy of left femur and osteosynthesis by Ilizarov for elimination of LLD (left femur lengthening for 9 cm).

Misak Balasanyan, the owner of "Aleksandrapol" brewery, by himself chose the adult patient from the waiting list of the website of Armaveni Charitable Foundation.

"As a rule, sponsors are more touched by the pain of little patients, but if the child can be operated on a year later, from social and psychological viewpoint the time is too important for the adult patient," Dr. Mirzoyan, the president of the Foundation, conducted the statistics.

Before the surgery, 29-year-old Hrachik told us that he was looking forward to his treatment in order to tell finally the girl about his feelings.

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July 10, 2014, Faina Harutyunyan & Amalya Karapetyan

Faina Harutyunyan (brand Faina), a young and one of the most modern Armenian designers, gave an evening dress to Armaveni Charitable Foundation for the charitable auction. The lot went to Aida Karapetyan, the owner of “Ojakh” restaurant complex - $ 1100 will be spent on treatment of one of the patients of the Foundation. As for the dress, the buyer presented it to Panfilova Olga ,the girl whose leg was shorter for 8 cm before the operation, but in dress by Faina she looks like a model.

The Foundation thanks Faina Harutyunyan and Amalya Karapetyan for generosity and participation.

On photo: Olga is in Faina’s atelier.

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July 09, 2014, Nvard's Operation Was Successfully Performed!

The event is already over and the doctors of the Foundation have started their working days!
After the Charitable Event, the first patient, who was operated on, is Avetisian Nvard (born in 1991) from Yerevan. Her sponsor is "Gazprom Armenia" CJSC.
Her diagnosis: Arthrogriposis, severe equino-varus deformity of right foot, equinus deformity of left foot. The operation took 7 hours and Ilizarov frames were applied on her both tibias and feet.
We are glad to inform that the operation was successfully performed. The patient came to her senses after general anaesthesia,and at 10.07 she was taken from resuscitation to a very comfortable room. Now she feels good.

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June 27, 2014, Charitable Event /ArmNews

June 26, 2014, Fundraising Event at the Embassy of Russian Federation in RA

On June 26, 2014, at the Embassy of Russian Federation in Armenia Standing Tall Charitable Event, dedicated to the recovery of the 100th patient of the Foundation, took place.

The Foundation’s friends got together in the hall of the Embassy. Since 2000 the Foundation has been implementing fundraising and treatment of patients with orthopedic pathologies from low-income families of Armenia, Artsakh and Javakhk. Arshak Mirzoyan, DMS, president of the Foundation, presented commemorative gifts to the benefactors who sponsored the treatment of more than 5 patients. Among them were Ministry of Defence of Armenia, “South Caucasus Railway” CJSC, Mrs. Aida Ter-Karapetyan, Ameriabank, “Zangezur Copper Molybdenum Combine” CJSC, “Aleksandrapol” brewery, World Vision, HI-AM Charitable Foundation which does fundraisings in USA for implementing the Standing Tall Program.

“When I told Mr. Volinkin about the Foundation, mentioning that we present Russian medical technologies in Armenia - the doctors of the Foundation treat the patients with Ilizarov method - Mr. Ambassador generously offered to conduct our evening in the hall of the Russian Embassy which we accepted with a great pleasure and thanks,” told Dr. Mirzoyan. He thanked R. Sargsyan, the First Lady of Armenia, honorary president of the Foundation for her contribution and presented brooch in the form of palm tree in the single copy by Armenian designers.

Thanks to the people in the hall, the Foundation managed to get money for treatment of 10 patients. The sponsor for the treatment of Anjela Parsadanyan from Charentsavan is the “Sozvezdie” Foundation. The history of the girl (for elimination her leg lengthening discrepancy she needs a few surgeries) had a strong influence on Artak Tovmasyan’s daughter and mother, the president of the Foundation. Mrs. Aida Ter-Karapetyan offered to sponsor 5 patients. Khachatur Hakobyan, the head of Russian Orthodox Maecenas Club in Armenia, Misak Balasanyan, the owner of “Aleksandrapol” brewery and Dr. Grigory Khachatryan, the owner of “MIM” Dental Clinic offered to sponsor one patient separately.

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March 12, 2014, Good morning, Armenians!

Dr. A. Mirzoyan and Dr. A. Vahramian were hosted
by the program "Good morning, Armenians".

October 01, 2013, Horizon Live

August 05, 2013, Regular Examination of Our Treated Patients

Armaveni Charitable Foundation and Yerevan Center of Limb Lengthening & Reconstruction (YCLLR) regularly organizes a medical examination of patients, who passed the treatment in the scope of Standing Tall Program.
Today Ayvazyan Mariam, born in 1995, visited us (Diagnose: Sequel of hematogenic osteomyelitis, femur growing zone arrest, deformity, LLD 7 cm, limitation of knee ROM). She was operated on in 2009. Her sponsors were the Mr. and Mrs. Serzh and Rita Sargsyan.
Currently the patient has a little problem: contracture of left knee, which will improve after intensive physical therapy. Please, watch her video before and after the treatment:

March 21, 2013, Yerevan

On February 21, under general anesthesia we operated on Margarian Mery, DS: Congenital abnormality, atresia(defect of proximal part of femur), LLD 28cm, the last patient according to our agreement.
Despite significant technical difficulties and extremely complicated situation, we did our best to connect her undeveloped head of the femur to what left on proximal femur. Surgery lasted almost 7 hours. Now we don’t have much to do but activate her physically and prier for bone union. We will keep you informed about the further process.

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March 12, 2013, Yerevan

We are pleased to inform you that on March 12, under general anesthesia, Nersesyan Alina, DS: Congenital malformation, deformity, shortening for 9cm, Coxa Valga from left, was operated on in Nairi medical center. Now she feels good and today she is discharged to outpatient treatment. During the whole treatment she will be under the constant care of the medical staff.

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March 08, 2013, Yerevan

We are pleased to inform you that yesterday under general anesthesia, Karapetian David, DS: congenital pseudoarthrosis of left tibia, was operated in Nairi Medical Center.
According to the treatment plan, first step is to apply Ilizarov frame for gradually correction of severe deformity. Presumable duration of correction will be 2 months. Then second surgery to open adjustment (cooptation) of fragments and tibia cut for lengthening will be performed.
We told several times to parents and want to let you know that congenital pseudoarthrosis is very difficult curable problem and very unpredictable disease. We know this rare diagnosis pretty well, because this is Dr. Mirzoyan's PhD dissertation. It is worth to try, because alternative is amputation. We'll keep inform you about the progress. Today’s pictures are attached.
Next week we will operate on Nersessian Alina, she is in process of examination and we’ll keep inform you the day of surgery as well.
Treatment of Margarian Marry will start after, probably the following week.

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February 05, 2013, Fund Raising Event in USA

On February 5, 2013, Vahan Grigoryan, DDS, his friends and Nshan Adjemian, the President of Hi-Am Charity Foundation, organized a fund raising event to support Armaveni Charitable Foundation for implementing its Standing Tall Program. It took place in Glendale Public Library Auditorium, II Floor, 222 E Harvard Str., Glendale, CA 91205. Armaveni Charitable Foundation presented a film about the patients who had already gotten their treatments free of charge. Everyone was impressed by the stunning results of the Foundation.
Thanks to generous participation of our compatriots in LA area, another 3 to 4 patients got financial support for their treatment. On behalf of patients’ families, Armaveni Charitable Foundation expresses feelings of appreciation to all who participated in this philanthropic event. Primary cases are being discussed, and soon the patients will be invited to Yerevan Center of Limb Lengthening and Reconstruction , where after medical and radiological examination they will undergo reconstructive surgeries and rehabilitation. According to the Foundation’s policy, the sponsors will be informed of the procedure on the day of the surgery and further progress.

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February 05, 2013, Upcoming Events

Armaveni Charitable Foundation continues the implementation of the Standing Tall program.
On February 5 2013, Armaveni Charitable Foundation and the friends are planning to organize a fund raising event at Glendale Public Library, 222 East Harvard Street, Glendale, CA. Please, join us in this philanthropic event. Your participation and contribution will help needy people with various orthopedic problems recover completely and/or significantly improve their living standards.
For additional information, you may email or call (818) 209-4660.

November 09, 2011, Coopereation with “The South Caucasian Railway” CJSC

Armaveni Charitable foundation continues to provide treatment to needy patient with orthopedic problems. Recently Armaveni Charitable Foundation has got agreement with “The South Caucasian Railway” CJSC to regular sponsorship for treatment for needy patients. Just in last month 2 of them have been operated and are in process of treatment. So far 6 patients have been treated with sponsorship of “The South Caucasian Railway” CJSC. On behalf of the patients we appreciate very much the cooperation with “The South Caucasian Railway” CJSC.

May 31, 2010, Yerevan Chamber Theater

Armaveni Charitable Foundation presentation was held at the Yerevan Chamber Theater. The event was dedicated to the 10 year anniversary of functioning of Standing Tall program and was timed to Children’s Protection Day. Rita Sargsyan, First Lady of Armenia, Haroutyun and Narine Koushkian, Seiran Ohanyan, the Minister of Defence, Roza Tsaroukian, Edward Mirzoyan, and other cultural, scientific and business representatives participated.
The goal of the event was to introduce the results of the foundation activity during the first decade. The guests witnessed those whom the foundation helped not only to recover their legs, but gave them a chance to live full-grown and happy lives. Mrs. Rita Sargsyan expressed her thanks to all, who participated or will participate in functioning of the foundation and said: "I realized, that it's big happiness to make other people happy." Many of the guests declared their readiness to sponsor treatment of patients on the waiting list of the foundation. Maxim Hakobyan, the General Manager of Zangezur Copper-Molybdenum Combine granted $50000 to the Foundation for the treatment of patients. Naira Nahapetyan and Ara Aghababyan from Gyumri WPP, Vardan Baloyan, Gagik Tovmasyan, Gagik Shahverdyan, families of Shahbazyan and Manvelyan, Emma Vardanyan, Babayan Goar also expressed their readiness to sponsor the treatment of patients.
The Minister of Health Harutyun Kushkyan announced that in the project of national budget of Armenia for 2011 year a state program will be stipulated for sponsoring orthopedic operations of citizens from low-income families. The Minister of Defence promised overall support and assistance and noted that Standing Tall Program treats people not only physically, but also treats their hearts and souls.
To some philanthropists for their special involvement in the Standing Tall Program medals symbolizing the Foundation were awarded.
A banquet in the lobby was sponsored by Phoenicia restaurant.

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March 18, 2010, Los-Angeles

On March 18, 2010 in the Narek Cultural and Educational Foundation in Los-Angeles Dr. Arshak Mirzoyan met with the participants of the Fund Raising which had taken place in Los-Angeles.
Dr. Mirzoyan informed those who were present about the progress of Armaveni Charitable Foundation for the last 2 years. It was mentioned that thanks to the active participation of First Lady of the Republic of Armenia Rita Sargsyan, The South Caucasus Railways (SCR) Company, the administration of JSC “Gyumri Beer and Hops” company, children and teenagers from the waiting list are actively getting their treatment. And with it, there are still lots of young adults in the waiting list. This is the age when they can set up their families, get jobs and become full-fledged members of the society in case of complete recovery. It was informed that Armaveni Charitable Foundation is going to bend every effort to intensive treatment of the patients of this age group.
Nshan Adjemian, the chairman of Hi-Am Charitable Foundation, spoke at the meeting. He mentioned that the cooperation with the Armaveni Charitable Foundation is one of the most important areas for Hi-Am Charitable Foundation.

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December 17, 2009, Gyumri

Armaveni Charitable Foundation staff visited Gyumri in the scope of “Standing Tall” program. In “Berlin” polyclinic the doctors examined 18 patients from low–income families, with different orthopedic diseases. Eight of them have been put on a waiting list for free treatment. The administration of JSC “Gyumri Beer and Hops” company made a decision to sponsor the treatment of five patients. December 21, 2009 Mr. Misak Balasanian and Dr. Arshak Mirzoyan visited the orphanage in Gyumri and chose three patients for the treatment. Besides, it was decided to sponsor the treatment of two patients from low-income families. Three of them are already in the process of the treatment.

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September 01, 2009, Yerevan

On the 1st of September, beginning of school year, the staff of Armaveni organized a visit to the Children’s Railway Park with several children who have already been treated surgically. The children were delighted by their rides on different carousels, and by a trip on the children’s railway train.

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July 22, 2009, Goris

The staff of the Armaveni Charitable Foundation, including Arshak Mirzoyan, Arsen Vahramian, Seyran Saroyan, Marieta Saghatelian, and Gayane Geoletsyan, was invited to Goris to celebrate the first anniversary of the Center of Guardianship for Handicapped Children. During this visit they met with the head of Syunik Marz, with the director of the Center, with the officials from similar centers in various regions of Armenia, and with the representatives from UNESCO. The celebration featured performances by children affected by different pathologies, and of the musculoskeletal system in particular, who attend this center. Forgetting their illnesses, the children enjoyed the holiday with joy and enthusiasm. Doctors from Armaveni examined several children afterwards, some of whom were already queued for free treatment in the scope of “Standing Tall” program. Several of these children have now been treated surgically.

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June 01, 2009, Yerevan Center of Limb Lengthening and Reconstruction

First Lady Rita Sargsyan visited the Nairi Medical Center on the occasion of the International Children’s Protection Day where at the Yerevan Center of Limb Lengthening and Reconstruction she met with the children of unemployed families with various orthopedic diseases who are on “Standing Tall’s” waiting list for free treatment. She declared her readiness to sponsor eight children, and all children were given valuable gifts.

Mrs. Sargsyan said, “Speaking about children’s health, one cannot remain indifferent. We have decided to sponsor surgery and further treatment for eight children, although needy children are, unfortunately, too many, and they are waiting, waiting with hope. I want to appeal to all kind people: let’s give children the happiness of standing tall.”

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April 08, 2009, Yerevan

A “Standing Tall” presentation was held at the Yerevan Chamber Theater. The goal of the event was to inform citizens of the Armenian Republic, already familiar with the success of the Armaveni Foundation within Armenia, of its impact outside of the Republic. Rita Sargsyan, First Lady of Armenia, Prime Minister Tigran Sargsyan, Bella Kocharyan, Haroutyun and Narine Koushkian, Roza Tsaroukian, Zori Balayan, Sergey Hambartzoumian, Edward Mirzoyan, Levon Malkhasian, and other cultural, scientific and business representatives have their participations as well.

The response exceeded all expectations. The First Lady, the representative of the Yerevan Brandy Company, Naira Tovmasian, National Party Deputy Ara Babloyan, Healt Minister Haroutyun Koushkian, Armine Hovhannisian, founder of the Oran Charity Foundation, and Roza Tsaroukian declared their readiness to sponsor at least one patient on the waiting list of “Standing Tall.” Professor Arshak Mirzoyan, president of the Armaveni Foundation, presented medals symbolizing the Foundation and the Yerevan Center of Limb Lengthening and Reconstruction. A banquet in the lobby was sponsored by Phoenicia Restaurant and the Yerevan Brandy Company.

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March 06, 2008, Los Angeles, California

Dr. Mirzoyan presented the “Standing Tall” program and its ongoing results to the Armenian community of Los Angeles in the Narek Cultural and Educational Foundation in Glendale. Funds were raised for the treatment of eight children and for the purchase of medical equipment. Introductory remarks by Mrs. Rimma Sarian, who appealed for the sponsorship of children enrolled on the waiting list. The Bishop, tsayragooyn vartabed Hayr Tachat Yardemian, and local businessmen and authorities took part in the presentation.
The president of the Hi-Am Charity Foundation, Nshan Hajemian, kindly offered the Foundation’s support in order to make tax deductions available to U.S. sponsors of children in the “Standing Tall” program.

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February 24, 2008, Phoenix, Arizona

At the invitation of Dr. Ted Khachaturian, Dr. Mirzoyan introduced the “Standing Tall” charity program to Arizona’s Armenian community. The meeting was held in the conference hall of the Armenian Church of Phoenix. Introductory speech was made by Dr. Harry Sirounian, noted orthopedic surgeon and philanthropist.
"For the last 20 years, I have followed Dr. Mirzoyan's career closely. We first met following the 1988 earthquake, when Arshak had returned to Armenia to care for the injured. At that time his techniques were relatively unknown outside the Soviet Union. Since then, Arshak has travelled worldwide demonstrating and teaching his skills. He has taught and operated in American and European universities, instructing physicians on how to handle the most difficult cases, including correcting the most complex deformities.
He has lectured many times at the American Academy of Orthopedic Surgeons annual meeting. In attendance were professors and physicians from universities across America and were also present doctors from all branches of the U.S. military. Now you can find the techniques he practices, being used in all university, military and major trauma centers across the U.S.
To the best of my knowledge, Dr Mirzoyan is the only Armenian Orthopedist to have had an article accepted, reviewed, and printed in the prestigious Journal of Bone and Joint Surgery, the gold standard of orthopedic writings.
But all these skills are not the measure of the man. He can live and practice just about anywhere, yet his heart has always been in Armenia. His goal is to contribute the best he can to the future of his homeland. I wish him well in his endeavors."